Slatwall Panels For Shopfitting

What Is Slatwall?

Slatwall, also called Slotwall, is a material that is most commonly used in the shopfitting field for display fixtures and wall coverings. The building material typically comes in the form of 4ft by 8ft panels, which have horizontal grooves designed for fixing various merchandising accessories. Slatwall panels are most often made from MDF (medium-density fiberboard), and they have a laminated or melamine paper finish. The horizontal grooves are machined into the finished MDF panels, and the panels are fitted with inserts or painted. The inserts are typically made from plastic or aluminium.

Where Can I Install Slatwall Panels?

Slatwall panels are generally installed over existing finished wall material or over drywall. They can also be installed onto bare wall stud directly as long as doing so is not in violation of the building code. It’s good practice to use at least 24 screws to secure each panel to the wall, and you should ensure those screws are evenly spaced.

Advantages Of Slatwall Pannels

There are many benefits to Slatwall panels. To begin with, they are very easy to install. Their ease of installation means they are perfect for fast transformations of shop fittings. A second benefit is that they are available in a range of styles, so you can get creative when it comes to renovating your store. A further advantage of Slatwall panels is that they are very popular, so prices are competitive. If you choose the right supplier, you can get great value for money.

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Other Stallwall Products

Slatwall shelves are another also very popular with shopfitters. They offer great storage solutions and are robust, reliable, and effective. They can support heavy products while still looking stylish. Displaying items off the ground can encourage more sales since products are closer to the eye level of shoppers.